Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Week

That's right...after 9 months of training it's finally almost here.  Exactly one week from today the big race will be here.  It feels like I've been studying for a big test and now I'm just anxious for it to get here.  I've done everything I can for this race and hopefully those freezing cold early morning runs or trips to the pool will pay off.

After attending a wedding this weekend, we realized that training for the Ironman is way too similar to being pregnant.  The specific training has lasted 9 months, I eat like I'm eating for 2 (only I'm eating for me and working out me...guess that can count as 2), I can't really drink (at least not super close to race day), and I go to bed super early (9pm = triathlete bed time).  Anyways hopefully more posts to come this week and definitely a race report post race. 

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