Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Season Opener Du Race Report

This race report is a bit belated but better late than never.  This race was on Mother’s Day  (nice and early in the season).  Last year we did this race but the triathlon version.  The water was cold, the air was colder and it was windy (making the water choppy) so we decided to give the Du a go this year.  I had no idea how this was going to go since my knee had been bothering me a lot and I hadn’t been getting much running or even biking in.  My main goal coming into this race was to try to not aggravate my knee any more than it has been.

Transition bag ready to go

1st race on BTT!!

My friend Laura also decided to do the race.  We were transition rack buddies so I chatted with her while getting my transition ready.  During this time I realized I had forgotten to put elastic laces in my running shoes.  Being unprepared for this race was an understatement!  I popped some Ibuprofen to try to prevent any inflammation and pain during the race.  It started with a 2 mile run consisting of one mile out and back.  I held back a bit on the run to try to save my knee for the rest of the race.

Me & Keith pre-race

Me & Laura pre-race

In transition, I untied my shoes (thanks to no elastic laces) and hopped on my bike for the short 10 mile ride.  The ride was pretty uneventful with some small hills and some pothole to maneuver.  Again I tried to hold back a little so my knee would be ok to run the last 5K.

Back in transition I had the joy of retying my shoes and then I was off on the 5K (praying my knee held up).  Luckily for me the run was mostly on dirt or grass to which I was very thankful.  At the beginning of the 5K I heard someone say something about me being the female leader.  That was at a turn around so I caught a glimpse of the 2nd place female fairly close behind.  I really wanted to race it and make sure I beat her but decided that it was in my best interest to keep my current pace (which my knee felt ok with).   

I spent the next 2+ miles repeating ‘Quassy’ or ‘Lake Placid’ in my head to remind myself to hold back so I don’t mess up my knee for my half or full Ironman coming up soon.  With about ½ mile to go, one of my shoelaces came untied (too rushed in transition to tie them right).  I decided to just keep running and hope I didn’t trip.  I spent the next ½ mile looking directly down to make sure I wasn’t going to step on the lace.  I thought for sure I’d trip on it right before the finish line.  Wouldn’t that make a great finish photo (a nice little face-plant)?

Towards the end of the run I was still in the lead but I knew the 2nd place female was still pretty close behind.  I told myself not to try to keep up with her if she made a push at the end but rather keep my pace.  This ended up working out and I held her off to finish 1st overall female and 19th overall!  I was thrilled to win and even more thrilled that my knee didn’t act up too much.  A pint glass, gift certificate and elastic laces (ironically) were my prizes for the win.

Finishing the race

Getting my 1st place award!

Keith getting his award!

Awards ceremony again

Run part 1 time:  14:09
Bike time: 31:42
Run part 2 time: 22:08
Overall time: 1:09:49 (1st overall female)

Our hardware!

“Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.”  ~Vince Lombardi

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