Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yup the title says where I’ve been lately.  There are a few reasons excuses behind it.  I applied and was accepted into a graduate physical therapy program…at the University of Vermont which = moving to VT! We decided that and Ironman training wasn’t enough to keep us busy so we bought our first home (see below).  Phew busy spring!  

New Home!

I think the real reason I’ve been MIA is the fact that my knee started bothering me over a month ago so my training has been really spotty.  After getting up to around 14 miles running and 80 miles biking, the all too familiar knee pain came back.  It’s always the same cause: tight muscles and weak hips.  I had to severely cut back my running and biking, even leaving me to only swim and water jog for one week.  Those of you who know me well know that this was complete torture!

Around Easter, it dawned on me that my half ironman (Rev3 Quassy) was right around the corner and Lake Placid wasn't too far behind.  I had a minor major freak out that I wouldn’t be ready followed by what I can only assume was an endorphin deficit mini depression.  The weather finally turned and I was stuck inside swimming or not doing a workout.  Seeing people posting about going on runs and bike rides seemed mean and made me jealous. 

Well after lots of foam rolling, stretching, taping, clamshells, bandwalks and the like I’m finally back to biking and running (working my way back to the mileage I was at before) and it feels amazing!  The knee still isn’t 100% and I am still super careful about not putting too much pressure on it since the half ironman is this weekend followed by LP in a little over a month and a half!!

Needless to say…I’m back (hopefully until the end of the season).  

"There's bound to be rough waters and I know I'll take some falls." ~The River by Garth Brooks

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